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My Story

Everyone has a unique story, and mine is no different.

Let's start from the beginning.


My career started in the Information Technology sector many years ago, in my early twenties. After a very successful career spanning more than a decade in corporate IT, I decided to leave the corporate world and try the smaller SME market segment. 

The Plan

The plan derailed a bit as I was asked to join an international fruit marketing company as their Chief Information Officer. The temporary derailment to finding my true passion lasted for nearly another decade, and somewhere in this time, my newly found hobby was being sculptured.

The project that started planting this seed was a fruit sorting machine. It used cameras to determine the defects of the fruit.

Career Change of Note

With this newly found "hobby," I decided to move again, this time to answer the calls from the family to join the family business in the agriculture sector. While this was happening, I started InnoConsult. The focus was to help companies in the SME market with marketing and IT, all on a consulting basis. The hobby became a "job" as some clients needed photography for social media and marketing.


They say your passion finds itself, sometimes without trying. When a hobby can become a profession, and you enjoy it as much as the original hobby concept, you might have a winner.


New Business

This newly found business requirement quickly evolved into a full commercial photography service for clients. Fast forward to where we are now, and we have done over a hundred full photography and videography projects for various clients in the last 24 months.  


We have stuck to our game plan: quality over quantity, only adding new services once we are proficient in the new service, for example, PodCast recordings. 


Enjoy the website and have a look through some of our work.



Andre Avenant

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